CV & Rates

Philip J. Pirro P.E.

  • Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey (#38260)

  • Has testified for depositions, EBTís (examination before trial), ADRís (alternate dispute resolutions), in the States of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

  • Has been qualified as an expert in Federal Court, State/County Court in New York, State/County Court in New Jersey. Expertise has been primarily in the fields of construction management, construction work, NJDOT, OSHA, and in civil engineering.

Expert: Philip J. Pirro P.E.

  • Rate Sheet for all Cases - {Rates are Billed Ė Portal to Portal}

  • General Consulting - (2hr min.) $200.00/hr

  • Deposition & Court appearance - (3hr min.)- $250.00/hr

  • New Case Retainer of $2,500.00 required


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West Milford, New Jersey 07480

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